Blogging for the first time


People can decide to read or to be read.  No matter what you decide to do, just make sure that decision takes you where you want to go. 

Writing for the first time can sound easy. Some people think that blogging or writing for an audience is a “piece of cake”. However, when evaluating the components of a good blog entry, the writing path seems to get harder and more complex; in fact, my own experiences have taught me that. Sometimes, at some point, challenges scare me , and regardless my writing skills, every blog entry represents a new challenge to me. I would say my strengths in writing are basically having a decent English grammar base, and to have a mind that can generate content 100 km/h. Nevertheless, having a creative mind could represent big challenges. These can be the difficulty to decide a topic and, sometimes, overthink on how to make every entry catchy and interesting. Is my entry creative, fearless, and understandable enough? This is always in my head. 


Writing is a process of growth, just as life itself. Past experiences have built me, and writing past experiences have made me the writer I am now. I remember eight months ago while taking my ESL course at St Lawrence College ; I handed in my first essay of the Academic Writing class. I was very confident about my job, so what happened the next class knocked me down. I got my essay back, with a B- on top, and tons of corrections. My expectations and confidence went down to the floor; however, I will never forget my professor’s phrase that picked me up: “You have the talent to write, you just don’t know how to use it.” That was my starting point to the commitment on learning how to write, better, in English.


Finally, writing is a path that has the potential of taking people where they want to go. Nowadays, employers are looking forward to hire people with writing abilities. I guess that makes sense in a world in which almost every connection we made includes emails, messages, blog entries, and so on. Writing for an audience will always scare me, but I am sure that it will take me where I want to go.

It’s your choice, read or be read, as long that makes you grow, and takes you where you want to go.



3 thoughts on “Blogging for the first time

    1. Hello, Frank,

      I am noticing this comment now. I am sorry I did not do it before. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I really appreciate them. They make me feel encouraged to keep posting blog entrances.

      I do have to say that this “blogging activity” is becoming more and more interesting for me.

      Thank you again for all the support.



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