Born To Be Defined By Our Generation?

Many are the studies, articles, books, and people who say that our generation define us. Either you believe it or not, here it is a small consumer profiling, decision making, and buying motivations analysis that will help you to choose a side. Meet the person I decided to analyze and name Jane.


  • Age – 40-45 – Generation X
  • Gender – Female
  • Income – Middle and upper class – Annual income of $60,000 and up
  • Education – Post-secondary education completed
  • Occupation – House and family dedicated/Full-time moms in the process of raising their children – some working full time as well
  • Household formation/Marital status – Married with children – Family of three and up


  •  Urban and suburban regions – Kingston area


  • Attitudes – Positive, energetic, motherly, care givers, family oriented, hard workers, decision takers, and organized
  • Interests – Home décor, health, family, gardening, cooking, self-care
  • Values – Family, balance, happiness, organization, health, wellness, time (overall,) comfort, opinions, beauty
  • Lifestyle – Familiar, energetic, fancy, trendy


I selected Jane because she got my attention by walking into Chapters on a Wednesday at 9:30 am, wearing exercise clothes and apparently enjoying her time there. Drinking a Teavana® Shaken Iced Passion Tango™ Tea from Starbucks Coffee. She seemed to be very comfortable in the store, with enough time to check all the home décor and health magazines. Her attitude and overall behaviour inside the store, made me very curious about her.

While Jane was spending time in the store, and after buying an iced tea; she began browsing the magazines available at the store, and finally purchasing “House Beautiful.” This magazine is of interest to her because it covers the new trends around home décor for spring 2017, and she is the type of person who is very into home decorations, trends, beauty, and comfort.


landscape-patio-1 Home Beautiful
Patio or Outdoor Space

In terms of The Self versions, I believe the content of this magazine is aligned with the Ideal Self. The reason is simple. The content and even the advertisements are promoting new tendencies, and explaining how people can make their homes to look beautiful by following the new décor Spring 2017 trends (Colours, textures, etc.) The magazine is basically driving their lectors to what they want/should be/have.

In regards to the magazine content, there are many advertisements that align themselves with the magazine and the target audience. One of them is the new furniture collection of Ellen Degeneres. This is probably one of the most accurate ads on this magazine. It perfectly resonates with the magazine theme and audience. Ellen has a top show directed to women like Jane, so it is a celebrity who resonates with her. This means that by placing Ellen’s new furniture collection on this magazine, her brand is more likely to reach the perfect consumer since her products are what they are looking for.

On the other hand, there is an ad that despite is not aligned with the magazine content, is aligned with the magazine audience. The Neutrogena® New Rapid Wrinkle Repair® cream ad is placed there because women like Jane, who are also into health and beauty, are the perfect target for this product.

After purchasing the magazine, Jane went to spend some time in the home section of Chapters, probably looking for something that not only could catch her attention, but also that were in line with the Spring 2017 home décor trends.

Finally, I believe that people like Jane have two predominant reasons for shopping: To cover their own and family basic needs, and to fulfill their Ideal Self. Some of them are economic consumers, but the majority are recreational shoppers. They have time available to spend on this activity and view it as a fun thing to do to spend leisure time.


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